In an inter-religious dialogue organized by the Kerala Muslim Cultural center (Sharjah) seminar, speakers opined that there were many similarities between Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. All the three religions have strived to bring about peace and harmony to the world.

The first speaker, an expert on Hindu texts, started his speech by lamenting on the present media’s negative approach of reporting only sensitive news stories of clashes and violence while ignoring peaceful situations. Going further, he quoted many ‘slokas’ from Vedas about jeevatma and its humble origin and said that humility is the best solution to solve human conflicts. In this context, he invited the audience’s attention to the prostration in prayer in which man submits his forehead humbly before God.

Elaborating the importance of cleanliness before prayer, he reminded that at a time in Arabia when even drinking water was scarce, ‘Shri Muhammad’ (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) emphasized the need to purify oneself with ablution before entering prayer.

The next speaker, a Christian priest, drew many parallels between the Islam and Christianity and chain of Prophets that both the religions believe in. He praised the efforts of Prophet in eliminating idolatry from his land and how his message spread throughout the world. He recalled the case of a Muslim colleague during his college life who used to rise from the class for performing the prayer, despite the tease from teachers and friends. He also emphasized the need to free the human mind of jealousy and other evils which are also other forms of idols installed in the hearts.

The final speaker was a great Muslim scholar from Kerala. Speaking in a very calm manner, he began the topic by re-instating the unity of humanity and the system which the Creator has established to preserve it. He clarified that religion never promotes the use of compulsion or force and it is impossible for religion to thrive by such methods because ultimately faith is a matter resting in the heart.