26 November 1999

Jaihoon was given an award of appreciation by KMCC (Kerala Muslim Cultural Center), Sharjah. The award was presented by the president of the Ajman Medical College.

The award ceremony took place at Sharjah, the Cultural Capital of the Arab world. The main event was a seminar on Tipu Sultan, the brave freedom fighter of India. It was the 200 death anniversary of Tipu.

Prominent scholars and historians were invited to speak on the topic.
Jaihoon thanked the faithful visitors of Jaihoon.com whose suggestions were always helpful in making changes.

The speech was concluded with the poetic lines of Allama Iqbal,

“seene se wahi teer phir paar kar,
Tamanna ko seenon mein bedar kar”

Pierce our hearts with same arrow, in our hearts awaken desire.