Jaihoon’s Speech

This one-day summer camp held at Ajman was aimed at promoting general IT awareness among students. The function was arranged by a Madrasa run by Keralites in Ajman, UAE on August 3rd 2001.

Jaihoon began by emphasizing the unity of human domains of knowledge. Although great scholars like Hujjathul Islam Imam Gazzali has categorized the various disciplines, the fundamental concept of knowledge is one. It is only for the present man’s convenience that Knowledge was divided into various subjects.

Therefore it is mere narrow-mindedness to ignore some topics while embracing others. Knowledge of the past and present are leading to the same truth. In the words of Allama Iqbal

Zamana Ek, Hayaat Ek,
Kaainaat bhi Ek
Daleel Kam Nazri
Kisse Jadeed-o-Qadeem

Time is one, Life is one,
The universe is one,
To talk of Ancient and Modern
A sign of narrow-minded man.

And it is with this perspective in mind that the new generation has to approach Information technology. This new outbreak of information has made many tasks easier.

Pursuit of knowledge that required travels across oceans and mountains are just a matter of ‘intelligent keywords’ in search engines.

Information is designed to be accessible within the arm’s length. All this brings about the state of affairs which, in the words of Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, is called the Sandwich Era. The entire world seems to be packed within two loaves of bread!

After giving a short summary of the winners and losers from the ‘Web-based honeymoon’, Jaihoon warned the audience to keep their eyes open to the recent developments in the wired world.

With regard to security on the web, there are more numbers on the Hackers side than on the Security Experts’ side. Therefore the H group will always have an upper hand over the Security Experts.

In conclusion, Jaihoon appealed the young ones to equip themselves with best ‘Information’ available to cultivate their own potentials and contribute to the well being of the Ummah.

And to keep in mind, that no technology is superior to the faith residing in their heart. The modern scientific developments are only the by products of the Knowledge-Revolution begun by the Unlettered Prophet in Arabia.

The world has already acknowledged their gratitude for the contributions made by his followers. The concept of modern university is just one of those contributions.