Sharjah, (24th June 2001)

Sadiq Ali Shihab speaking at KMCC, Sharjah

The honored speech by Moideenkutty Musliar

Briefing Sadiq Ali Shihab about Jaihoon’s coverage

Summary of the event

A reception was held by Sharjah KMCC (Kerala Muslim Cultural Center) in honor of Syed Sadiq Ali Shihab.

Earlier, Jaihoon had covered online a similar function held in Ajman. Sadiq Ali Shihab spoke about the victory of UDF in the State elections, but also reminded that they had to fulfill the expectations of the people. He said that the Leftists had tried to experiment by importing political violence and bloodshed from other states. But the peace loving people of Kerala refused to accept such a method of governance.

He also warned about the neo-colonialist forces that were exploiting the third world countries. He stressed the need for political leadership for the betterment of the community.

‘Corruption is a major issue that has crept into all levels of administration right from the top to the bottom. Spiritual guidance is required to clean this evil.’

He encouraged the unified stand of the expatriate community in the fight for their rights and persuaded them to convince the newly formed state government to consider their issues.