– by Jaihoon

As I stood beside the River
With the thought of now or never

I realized it wasn’t easy
Not meant for the lazy

To cross it would take decades
Blessed even if I were with aides

There appeared then the Eternal Traveler
Whose name was to all seekers familiar

I told him of my predicament
To save me from embarrassment

What was the secret of the seekers-
The Key which opened their Lockers?

Said Khidr the traveler in an assuring voice
His words and face shared the same poise-

“A Seeker needs no boat nor bridge
Time and Space cannot him hedge

Time may get old, but-
A seeker only gets bold

Love is his key
To God his plea

Conspiracies will away run
From his heart which with love-burn

Paradise will be first to claim him
His photo will be hung there in frame

When the Sun of Love shines over his heart
His failures will to a distance evaporate

A single breeze of Love will suffice
To heal the many wounds from the trials

O little seeker on the Path
A Lover has no fear
But to Lose his Dear”

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

April 01 2012