O Dream-Dear,
A truth may I slowly reveal,
His Fear
In your heart is sans any veil

A friend to another
Is like a sincere mirror
When any good,
It does admire
When any err,
It does censure

When the heavenly moon
Is adorably full
The earthly waters delays not to testify
‘You are indeed very beautiful’


When the fragrant Rose
Has lost its soulful scent
The Nightingale makes a critical voice
“Your bad ways better amend”

The mirror will continue to reflect
Even if it in pieces you cause it to break

A true friend’s trust
Will not so easily shake
Unlike a stone that makes ripple
In the waters of the lake

In times of anger
One may point the finger (at the friend)
But it does never mean
That hatred shall forever remain.

The duty of a sincere friend
Is to make the other realize
Without giving any offend
Through bits of praise and criticize.

… For now let me lay aside
The talk of lake, moon and rose

When in the mirror I have a peek
Your presence is what I earnestly seek

Many shower upon this Nightingale
The no-scent garland of flattery talk

But these honey-like words are of no avail
When weighed against your honest blame of what I lack

March 03, 2003.