‘Syed Shihab should come forward to assume leadership of minorities including the Muslims’, urged the Delhi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari in an interview while on his visit to Dubai. Lamenting on the plight of Muslims, he said, “that Muslims, like other minorities are being sought out only as vote banks. It should not be repeated.”

What can be done to stop this?
As I already mentioned about Syed Shihab’s leadership? It has already been proved successful in Kerala. His approach to political activities and struggle for rights have made people like us to think in depth.

The reason for your acceptance of Syed Shihab’s leadership at this point?
I was studying in depth about this leader so far.

What do you notice special about Syed Shihab’s leadership?
I am very familiar with the Muslim leaders of different states. Many have approached me at various occasions.
Syed Shihab is a political leader, religious scholar, orator, a humble leader despite the following of an entire community behind him, beloved to all sections of the community, who responds calmly to all times of crisis?So far I had known Syed Shihab from a distance. I am still trying to know him more closely.

How do you evaluate the changes in Kerala under Syed Shihab’s leadership?
Syed Shihab became the savior in a state with a high level of intellectual and cultural advancement. This is not a simple thing to achieve. Syed Shihab handles both political and religious leadership without earning the wrath of any other community. All religious communities love and respect him. It is only in Kerala that the Indian Muslims have made great achievements. The religious harmony is very strong there. Communal riots are not frequent there. Their fight against denial of justice is a role model of Indian Muslims. The achievements of Muslim League in Kerala are a lesson for the students of history. This leadership should spread across India.

In that case, can you not join the League?
No. It does not mean that all well-wishers of the league should join the party.

What can you do for strengthening the League across India?
I am not a member of any organization. I am not bound to grow the League. We should unite and gain strength before more calamities fall upon us.

What is your idea of unity?
Nothing much to elaborate?those who called themselves as ‘secularists’ have migrated to the fascist camp. They came into power upon the minority votes. If minority unites, no forces can beat them. The Indian Muslims have to unite under a single able leadership. If they continue to remain divided, they will no longer be remembered in history.

The Delhi Imam expressed his desire to meet Syed Shihab. ‘Syed Shihab was the only distinguished guest of honor invited to attend my ascension to the position of Imam at Delhi. He could not reach due to lack of time’