June 23 2012. Highlights from Jaihoon’s speech at Liwaul Huda Arabic College, Kizhuparamb, Areecode, Malappuram. Jaihoon was invited to announce the winners of the Union Chairman election.

Dear young friends.

The very name of your institution, Liwa-ul Huda, signifies the importance of the mission that your parents and community has entrusted you with. Almost every name that you hear around has a hidden or apparent mission to fulfill.

As you shall sprout out of this institution in the coming years, you would be on the path of fulfilling your life’s dreams. You would struggle to attain them with the spiritual and material resources which Allah has blessed you with.

But allow me to intervene here with a suggestion which may benefit you, insha Allah.

Take a moment and think about the works of our scholars who went before us. Consider the works of Imam al-Ghazzali or Imam al-Shafi. Have you wondered as to why we still study them today? Certainly they are not alive today to market or promote them. Besides the blessing from the Lord, they also had a noble intention and a prayer for their work to benefit others, even after they disappear from the face of this earth.

You too should be equipped with such a prayer for your dream to live on after you pass away.

Dear Friends. You are the candle, your dream the flame. Even after the wax melts away, let the flame burn for ever, insha Allah.

Rivers have always enticed me. Your college located close to the scenic Chaliyar river was one of the key reasons for me to attend this occasion. Jaihoon, too, is a name of a river elsewhere.

My heartiest congrats to the winners of your recently concluded Union Chairman and team election.

Posted July 2 2012