By Mujeeb Jaihoon

Man has been a traveller since his creation. He has travelled from one place to another cutting across mountains and seas, and even different worlds. In every corner of the world he has reached, he learned to adapt and create an ecosystem for the continuity of his life. When he was expelled from Paradise to earth, he cultivated civilizations which became envy of even the angels.

Any journey becomes worthwhile only when the traveller is aware of the purpose behind it. In fact, the journey does not begin in its essence until one realizes it.

One should also be conscious of the Time factor in the journey of life. In fact Time is among the phenomena on which Allah swears in the Holy Quran which makes it a matter of divine importance. The calculation of Time is a function of the movements of cosmic bodies and none can move them except God.

There are four factors which would help one realize the full meaning of Time.

One. The core component is Faith in the Divine. It is the nucleus of our human existence which set us apart from beasts and plants. There are many who associate faith with ‘blind belief’, which is an oxymoron in itself. Such people fail to realize that only those with true vision and courage can afford to believe in an Ultimate Being, unseen and unheard by human intellect. The demand for evidence of God is just and fair until one enters the fold of Faith. Thereafter, Love becomes the greatest evidence for them.

Two. But the crop of Faith would become infertile if not irrigated with Good Actions. The harvest of life becomes a reality only with one complementing the other. Just as a smile testifies the joy in one’s heart, Faith and Good Actions too act as reflectors of each other.

Three. Good actions do not emanate from individual effort alone. A civilized man is a product of his social circumstances. The home and neighbourhood plays an important role in shaping one’s moral and social well-being. A meaningful life is the result of a ‘team effort’ in which men of truth cooperate and support each other. It is no wonder that the Chapter Al fatiha contains the prayer ‘Show US the straight path’ in a plural form. Truth is not a selfish property of a few that should be kept within their lockers. Instead it is the public property of the entire humanity.

Four. It takes prudence and patience to tread the path of Truth. Truth does not come easy or cheap. It may heavily tax on one’s expense and patience. But yet he or she should remain firm and continue to cooperate and support with one’s fellow beings.

‘Patience is half of faith’, said the Holy Prophet. It takes Faith, a lot of it, to be patient with trials in life.

The Muslim community has had a history of expatriation. The days of prosperity and success kicked off while its Founder was still an expatriate in Madina!

Mujeeb Jaihoon, a Sharjah-based Indian writer, has published several books on mystic themes and contemporary issues. He is closely involved with many educational institutions in Kerala and is often invited to deliver motivational talks in schools and colleges. His works have been translated into other languages like Arabic and Malayalam. His book, MISSION NIZAMUDDIN, is acclaimed as the world’s first twitter based micro travelogue. His literary mobile app, iJaihoon, first of its kind from an Indian poet, is available for iOS and Android devices.