Dr Kamala Surayya, clad in the headscarf and the prayer costume, is absorbed in the reading of Holy Quran in the month of Ramadan. She is embracing the first Ramadan after her conversion to Islam..

At 3am. is the Tahajjud prayer. After a light dinner, is the Fajr prayer. Entrusting everything in Almighty Lord, this author with millions of readers, is absorbed in Holy Quran.

‘After my late night prayers, I feel like light descending upon me. It is a wonderful moment. A year back when I had declared my conversion to Islam publicly, many had told me about my face shining with a special light. Wonderful are the signs of Allah!

How do you feel after one year of Islam?
I was a storm. As such, I have submitted myself to Allah. Now there is no backing off from there.

What do you pray for?
I am a human who has sinned much and is prone to more mistakes in the future… Oh Lord! Do not abandon me. I wish that everyone likes me. I shall pray fort this in the last ten days of Ramadan.

In which language do you pray to Allah?
Does it have a language?

Are you continuing you religious education?
Yes. The imam of Madina Masjid comes in the morning to teach me. He tells me what he is going to say at the mosque in the evening.

Do you maintain ties with any family members?
Do I? Almost everyday I visit my mother. She does not know of my conversion. She is in a state of comma.

How would she react if she comes to know of your becoming Muslim?
She is an intelligent lady. She would ask me to go ahead if I wanted to. It is only the senseless who oppose the conversion.

Your writing?
Now I am writing short poems under the title ‘Ramadan thoughts’. I shall it publish it soon.

As Surayya continued speaking, the Zuhr call to prayer was sounded. She returns to prayer . . .

Source: Chandrika Daily