The poetess had arrived to inaugurate a seminar on English on the invitation of faculty of English at the Kannur University. The students and the poetess shared a few moments at the college veranda discussing a wide range of issues. Dr. Kamala Surayya, the world-renowned poetess known for her radical views on society, was an inspiration for the students at the campus. She advised the students to reach new skies while preserving the roots in the native language.

Thus spoke Surayya . . .

On crimes against Women

When a man looks at a woman, it is often her looks that result on exploitation. It is suffice for a woman to escape such a situation; she can admit say that she is AIDS-infected.

On Extremism

It is the want of money and unemployment that lands youth in extremism. The government should first halt the youth festivals and beauty contests and instead bring down the prices of goods.

On Love

It is a silly dream of the West to colonize the rest of the world in this age of Internet. If such colonialism is possible, then it only true Love that enjoys such a capacity. It is only in the heart of the beloved that colonialism becomes a reality.
Today’s girls are in love with the elites of the society. They ‘switch on Love’ when they see guys with bike and car. But the boys still believes in the parameters of beauty of her eyes and smile.

On Feminism

I have no faith in feminism. The world would be a hell minus men. If it were a world of only women, there would only be envy and resentment, as in the ladies hostel.

On religion and conversion

Allah is the only true God. No Guru has taught me on Hinduism. No Christian came forward to teach me Christianity. It was the Muslims who taught me that religion was love. It was through Islam that I learnt what is true love after spending years in the world of fantasy.

Every night I get up at 3am to offer prayers to Allah. I no longer find fascination in the stories of human Gods.

The students bid farewell to the poetess and writer who enjoys readership all over the globe… and asked when she would visit them again.

Based on a feature published in Chandrika Daily on Feb 25 2001.