– by Jaihoon

I’m a tongue on my own
My speech is for all one

When I appear on the lips
Language elsewhere runs

I adorn my friends with crown
I’m the wealth greatest on this earth

LORD created me free
I’m liberated from all chains

I’m neither arrogant nor proud
In a different garb I’m shroud

I conquer the heart I reside
I may even make it implode

My smile, the milk and honey
My tears, the wound and salt

If any try to hide my smell
My fire will become their hell

I am the miracle of Prophets and saints
I am the secret of painters and poets

I make my friends utter
Truths even if it be bitter

I am the fault and the culprit
Yet it’s my friends who are caught

Earth and heavens are of no avail
If I were to extend my power in full

My friends call me Love, and
Only the sincere can my field plough

My friends are shy and cautious
I, Love, but brave and loquacious!

Aug 01 2012