by Jaihoon

Reciting blessings upon the Beloved of GOD, especially when his name is mentioned, is a highly rewardable, though not obligatory act. Jaihoon seeks an answer from Rumi, the greatest mystic poet, the reason for this relaxation during a spiritual interaction.

Doubt for the seeker is a wonderful gift
On the mount of benefit will it further lift

A question of late had me pained
To ask any had I become strained

How could I then seek an answer-
How could Rose seek about the Gardener?

Years 30 or more of Faith had passed
And this doubt had only today surfaced

This is the Age of Reason
Imitation here is like treason

How could I then ask?
How could I not ask?
To ask or not ask-
Was the question to my self I asked!

As I fell asleep in the bed of doubt
And wrapped I my heart in shame
Loomed then in my dream
The Immortal Love-Saint of Rum

I did not waste a moment then
Saw I his assuring smile when
Towards the sage made I my run
My fear and shame become none

“O the wise and nice poet of Rum
Evergreen are you our love’s groom
Every mystery of love is to you known
Unravel for me my doubt without frown

The Lord of Worlds has enforced
Prayers and alms has HE ordered
Fear and pain has HE assigned
To hell would sinners be consigned

Why then has HE relaxed
The command for greetings-recite
Upon His Beloved’s Blessed name
Whom HE has raised to high fame?

Are prayers and alms for HIM more dear
Than the love of HIS very Musthafa Dear?

Is this the love of the Most Merciful
For the Mercy-Sent for Worlds full?

Intellect has my poor Faith seized
Spring of Conviction has in me ceased

Uncover for me this plot
Unravel for me this secret
Untie for me this knot
Unveil for me its benefit”

Replied Rumi the rapturous-

“Every age creates new rage of craze
Let your tender heart be not faze

Curiosity in Love is forgiven
For lovers shall another heaven be given.

Musthafa is the name
Mercy is its attribute

Musthafa is the nation
Compassion is its capital

Musthafa is the garden
Clemency is its Rose

Musthafa is the Story of Creation
Love is its narrative

How then can our Creator associate-
A thing of pain linked to greetings-recite?

Therefore they shall not lose hope
Greetings-recite who shall skip or escape

Musthafa shall not want
Any soul in his name to be punished
Neither sinner nor a believer
To be in hell pushed

Humanity has not found a parent
Or a friend as true than this God-sent

Like him none shall wish for our good
Like him none shall feed us love’s food

Curiosity in Love is forgiven
For lovers shall another heaven be given.

sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Sep 01 2012