Abu Dhabi, Oct 05 2012 :‘It is high time that we revamp our school levels to save our children from overload of irrelevant subjects of zero value to their future’, said poet Mujeeb Jaihoon at TREND-2, an educational meet of Keralites held at Abu Dhabi.

“Even as our children struggle with logarithms and proving theorems which have already been proved, we know in the back of our minds it will never be beneficial for them. Yes, only a tiny minority who shall pursue pure scientific careers shall find it useful. How can you torture the large majority for a tiny minority? Students could spend their time more efficiently on subjects of actual concern to them than those without” he added.

In the meet attended by Sayyid Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal, the president of Malappuram district Muslim League, PK Abdur Rabb, education minister of Kerala and SB Mohammedali, director of TREND, as well as several other dignitaries, Jaihoon requested the intervention of academicians about the need of specialization of knowledge even before the eleventh grade. ‘Subjects should be taught only which are of practical use for the students. Reduce those which they wait to forget as soon as they run out of their examination hall.’

He underscored the importance of seeking knowledge citing the story of Prophet Adam, the first Man, who proved his superiority over angels by the God-given knowledge taught to him.

“In the olden times, Kerala was an intellectual hub popular in outside countries. We pray that the new developments such as STEP and the recent Emerging Kerala event would bring us the bygone glory in knowledge-seeking and knowledge-generation”

Posted Oct 06 2012