Our uncivilized times are about to change
From Thaniyyat is about to arrive a prince

Oppressed women to be honored
With rights plenty they be crowned

Warring tribes to become friends
Between man and man no more fence

Slaves are to taste freedom
Bondage no more in his peace-dom

Children to be loved and cared
Gone would be days they be buried

Tyranny to exist no more
Justice to prevail like never before

History awaits this new dawn
A son like him for no mother born

Knowledge and learning shall he proclaim
Yet nothing on his own shall he claim

Accompanied by As Siddiq, his friend
Deserts and mountains has he crossed

His enemies swore to capture
Many plots did they nurture

Sun and moon offered as prize
The two worlds failed to amaze

Earthly creatures and heavenly birds
All created but for his humble service

Present and Future were in his hands
Time bowed in obedience to his words

The dark clouds are to away pass
Full Moon from Thaniyat to get close

(On Thursday, in fast, sitting at the Masjid Nabawi after Dhuhr prayer at Bab Makkah section)