Thank you O people of west!

You are seas apart from our lands. Yet your hearts burn for our own brother’s pitiful plight.

We live just nearby, yet we can only in silence sigh!

Thank you for your protests on your streets, faithfully expressing your solidarity for our suffering and killing… while we cowardly sit at homes meditating in front of the Idiot Box.

Thank you O people of west!

The Grand Pope in the church speaks his heart out while the mulla in the masjid keeps his lips sealed with the official, but beneficial, tape.

The life of freedom and liberty were the ideals fostered by our own deen. That Peaceful Warrior came with the message of ‘The Peace’, to eliminate man’s body and soul from the bondage of man. But where remains such free air to breathe on the lands he walked…

Thank you O people of west!

You came in search of the spiritual treasures left out by our mentors. We came to you to swallow the ancient stock of your left over sciences.

Your ears are eager to listen the words of Rabia and Rumi, while our eyes dazzle at your home-made mechanical gadgets…


“Ya Rabb! Kya lutf anjuman ka? jab dil hi bhuj gaya ho!”

March 20, 2003.