O the Abode of God
To away go is hard

Millions encircle you
Earth’s core are you

Believers desire are you
His reminder are you

His slaves to you turn
‘Allah!’ they call alone

O the Abode of God
To away go is hard

Said a voice so
No form I saw

“Of bricks and stones am I made
From ages my heart here is laid

I command my lovers’ awe
From far and near me they see

Yet my thanks are to the Ya seen
With his look became I by all seen

O His slave! From me part
To Yathrib your journey start

I know not your emotion
He is full of compassion

I am fashioned by hand of man
Beautified is he by Ar-rahman

O Jaihoon! His city is the hive of joy
Tears there as sweet as honey

I am ‘His Abode’
On earth alone
He is Lord’s Mercy
In worlds this and all

On leaving Ka’aba during tawaaf al wida’, Hajj 2007