DAY 03 – 13/12/2012
Tweets from Mission Olivistan
Four Nations. One Journey

DAY 03 – 13/12/12

Dependence on creations is a shame. But relying on Creator is joy and honor.

The fajr in the nearby masjid gave interesting insights into the cultural breadth of Islam.

Islam is like a loving mother who can appreciate and accommodate the limitless diversity in taste and preferences.

From the masjid scenes, it is evident that the hard-muscled ruthless perception of religion has not yet entered this land. Very friendly people.

Faith has a unique vigor of its own. Don’t kill it with extremist mentality.

Moderation is vigorous and living. Extremism is boring and dead.

Due to time and technology, have to tweet with one hand while managing olives and cheese with qubs in other.

Clear Wifi is more important than dear wife during travels. 🙂

Tourists in Jordan are accompanied by a tourist police during their tours around historic places

We have to cross the Bridge, known by different names in Jordan & its neighbor. King Hussein Bridge is its name in Jordan

The Amir asks us all in advance to be patient and tolerant at Security check at the border. Trouble is normal. Easy getaway is a luxury.

The date palm is, like believer, a tree whose every part is beneficial. Its old leaves don’t fall.

It took almost half a century to establish the political entity after its ideological body was formed. Patient & adamant were the Zionists.

There are many Jews who see the political body as a conspiracy and threat to the spiritual expression of the Community reducing it to a mere political slogan.

Jews have faced different Hitlers from days of Nebuchadnezzar and may continue to face such threats.

There’s nothing heroic about fighting from behind the wall of superpowers.

Banana, corn cultivation seen en route. It’s a steep route all the way.

At Jordan border, saw a Muslim man helping a Rabbi keep his luggage in van. Let one help another in reducing the life burden.

A scholar said he met an American in Hajj who surprised him with freedom Muslims enjoy in US. Hospitals give halal marked food to Believers

Drinking water is very costly, read precious, in Jordan. A price of the geo-political problems in the region.

Every land is essentially no-man’s land. For, every land belongs to God.

Amir reminded us reading a book by a Christian lady writer about the security tearing the newspaper she wrapped her shoes because it was in Arabic

It’s 10.52 am. Enter Promised Land border.

At 1.50pm we are out of the transit. Finally after an elite treatment of three of us, me one of them, we’re heading to Jericho.

We three were asked to sit separately for no reason explained. Coincidentally one was the Sayyid, me and another. We were finally let go.

Everyone grew worried about the three of us as no one had any idea why we were held up. We still don’t.

We were given our passports back with an assuring smile. The old security man joked with me about dual passport I carried in this young age

‘Jericho is one of the oldest in the world. 300 meters below sea level.’

Jericho has date palm and banana trees. Green houses all around. Palaces of Ummayyid dynasty can also be found here.

Mount temptation was alluring but not as much as lunch.

Olives left and right of the plate for lunch.

An Orange tree became the fascination of many after lunch

A Greek Orthodox Church is also seen in Jericho.

Enter Jerusalem. Masjid Al Aqsa appears after the tunnel. الله أكبر goes in chorus.

The local guide says if you query Google from US for capital of this land, it will respond with Jerusalem. But from Arab countries, it displays Tel Aviv

Heading to Hebron, the city of Ibrahim and his family. After the shooting incident by a Jewish terrorist, the mosque divided into two

The Muslim mosque has tombs of Prophet Ibrahim, Sara, Ishaq while Jewish side has Prophet Yaqub and Yusuf.

A tram passes by.

Passing through a city Jarrah named after Abu Ubaidah Amir bin Al Jarah, the Prophet’s companion who visited here

Hanukkah festival of Jews progressing today. Fifth day of eight days festival (Dec 8 – Dec 16)

Presently Muslims are a minority in Jerusalem. But gradually the numbers are increasing with larger number of children. ‘Guide has six’

Dhuhr-Asr prayer at Safafa, a small township, en route to Masjid Ibrahimi.

Crossing the Patriarchs Check Point

‘The Separation wall is 850 km’.

Building wall between man and man is the work of Devil, not angels.

The Guide warns it’s a very critical security day as Jews will be attending Ibrahimi masjid as part of Hanukkah.

Slight fog and rain at Hebron

Hebron is at a height compared to other cities. Palestinian Hebron is H1. Maqam Ibrahimi is in H2, Israeli Hebron

Guide says there was a Palestinian martyr yesterday. All shops are closed. We are walking through streets of old Hebron.

‘Caliph Umar was the first Muslim to build this mosque’. After that Ummayyids and Fatmids, followed by crusaders and Salahuddin, also built more.’

‘The white marble cannot be burned. The tombs are very deep down. There’s access but not allowed. The door to the access is sealed’.

‘Public Adhan is not allowed here. Only private’

‘Hebron is generally very tense and conflicts are common here’

‘Muslims and Jews can enter each others’ area for 10 days each in a year’

Visited and greeted the maqam of Ibrahim and Sara (peace be upon them)

Poor Palestinian kids are swarming us asking for money. This is common in almost all Muslim shrine areas around the world.

Prayed Maghrib and Isha at Masjid Ibrahimi led by Dr Nadwi.

Life is Hard in Hebron. Calls for proper leadership & developing a growth-oriented economy. Palestine has to self-develop before Independence

Visited Hebron handmade pottery. Coffee mugs selected.

Hebron suburbs may be poor. But remarkably neat and tidy. Masha Allah.

We are on way home. The old Kaka is keeping us entertained with old Mappila classics by Moinkuttty Vaidyar and others

All our life we hum our dreams. Death puts an end to it even before we realize it.

Man never gets tired of Love. It’s Love which gives upon him.

The statue of Lady Mary in hijab welcomes us as return to the Hotel at Bethlehem.