“O Ambitious Friend! If your wise head shall not feel bad,
May I tell you few words to make your heart glad

I may not be so wise
To give you any elderly advice

Like you, I may be not so experienced
Nor on life’s stage skillfully danced

Even then,

Even then,

I warn,
O Jaihoon,

‘Tis very easy to persuade
Others to make you call bad

But it shall take ages to simply earn
A name that from others sound fine

He made us live as believers
To set an example for others!”

Ah! Now this fool silently looks at the sky
And with a pounding heart begins to cry:

How very sincere,
An advice

My own self
I despise!

Ah! My state now is only to Him known
Why this sorrowful tale I vainly clone!

April 2nd 2003.