This, indeed, is apostasy but it has managed to evade the notice of Muslims. The reason being that its victims do not go to the church or the synagogue, nor do they proclaim their conversion. Society, consequently, remains blissfully blind to it. It does not take exception to apostates. It neither criticises them nor punishes them nor does it enforce other social sanctions. Apostates retain their place and rights in society and even get a chance to dominate it.

It is here that the most vital issue confronting the Muslim World lies. It is an issue that affects the entire Islamic millat. A fast spreading apostatic wave is sweeping over Muslim society and yet no one cares. Even the Ulama and religious leaders feel no anxiety about it. In the past, when a critical question faced theologians they used to cry out in desperation: “An issue and no Abul Hasan! (That is, an issue of vital importance to the millat has cropped up and there is no one with the wisdom of Hazrat Ali to solve it).” Now I say: “An issue and no Abu Bakr! (Apostasy is consuming the Muslim millat like wild fire and there is no one with the faith and fortitude of Hazrat Abu Bakr to put it down).”

But remember that war is no solution to the problem, nor is it wise to inflame public opinion over it. The problem cannot be solved by anger or by the use of force. Islam is not acquainted with the Holy Inquisition. It also does not allow for vindictiveness and violence. Instead, the matter calls for patience, perservance, sagacity and resolution. We will need immense study, thought and wisdom to deal with it successfully.