Islam originally dealt a deadly blow to this spirit and administered a clear warning to its followers against the dangerous possibilities it contained. Factionalism is the very anonym of a universal Faith since the basic oneness of humanity cannot endure, even for a brief while, in its presence. The negation of factionalism is an undisputed feature of the Islamic Shariah. There are innumerable provisions to this effect in it.

Anyone who has an awareness of the inner nature of Islam— in truth, of Religion— will have no hesitation in realising the truth of the assertion that Religion can have nothing to do with racial or national prejudices. It is beyond dispute that a majority of the ills that are poisoning the world-atmosphere today and dragging humanity to the verge of destruction are the direct result of national factionalism. Naturally, therefore, a man who came to the world only to weld mankind into one whole, to bring it under the banner of a single Faith, to call into existence a new society based on the consciousness of God Almighty, the Nourisher of the World, and to give it peace in place of war, love in place of hatred, unity in place of division, could not but wage a relentless war against it till it became a thing of the past.