Why do you keep losing things
O the Dove blessed with noble wings

What keeps your mind so occupied
Your own senses have you defied

So alien are the directions whereto you walk
How many strangers’ doors will you forgetfully knock

O friend, isn’t this world to you of any merit
That everything in it you indifferently forget?

Tell me,
O Prized Dream!

Are you so ‘selfishly’ dissolved in ‘My Him’
That everything worldly seems to you so dim?

Which direction does your heart’s compass turn
When at all the sides does devil’s violence burn?

Share with me
O Him-colored Rose!

With what henna have you so enviously designed
A heart that towards Him is always aligned?

Your heart’s fort is built so sweetly secure
With the merciful bricks of the Almighty’s Fear

Reveal to me,
O benevolent Friend!

Teach me something of your own skill
After which me you may sweetly kill.

Alas! My foolish self.

Lord knows where my own words are leading
The ones who this endless tale are eagerly reading

I shall better put the lid over the cup of my silly heart
Or else I shall again be tried for arousing the poetic riot!

May 17 2003. Composed after office hours.