DAY 06 – 16/12/2012
Tweets from Mission Olivistan
Four Nations. One Journey

Malayalees can, read need to, appreciate & imitate two noble traits from Arabs: Expressing Gratitude & Apologies.

A green field, resembling paddy field, appears thru window. I told manager ‘O like India’. ‘La. India is more beautiful’ replied he.

This resort seems a hotspot for tourists. West and Far eastern tourists are plenty here

Heading to tons of places.

‘River Nile is 6000+ km in total.

‘Coptic language was the primary language till coming of Islam. Arabic later became the popular language.’

‘Imam Al Shafi’s mausoleum is in old Cairo. A church for Lady Mary was built during early Islamic period.’

Ancient Egypt had firm belief in hereafter life after death. But in a very crude and primitive form.

An Egyptian once asked Dr Nadwi if he knew Amitabh Bachan, the Indian superstar. Indian cinema is very popular in Egypt

‘Now passing through Sayyida Zainab st.’ Zainab was a prominent Ahl Bait member.

Passing through Al Azhar road.

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Subsequent to the Kerbala tragedy, Imam Hussain’s martyred head is beloved to be buried here in Jami Hussaini.

‘Hussain is from me. I’m from Hussain. Allah will love the one who love Hussain’ – An Arabic calligraphy appears outside Jami Hussain

Visited the ancient 1000 year old Al Azhar mosque. Indonesian students seen.

‘Those who can’t afford housing live near the dead known as City of Dead’

The tomb of teacher of Imam Al Shafi, Imam Waki وكيع, found adjacent to the former.

In Dhuhr-Asr prayer, witnessed a hooligan argument between the Imam and a worshipper INSIDE the Masjid which would eclipse even a rock concert. Sad to have seen it.

It’s all the more deplorable because it was beside the tomb of the great scholar-saint’s tomb, known for his sagacious manners & character.

Imam Al Shafi came from Iraq to Cairo when Imam Laith was the leading Scholar.

Met with two students from Kerala at Imam Shafi’s tomb. They were studying at Cairo University.

Passing through Souk Al Fustat. The mosque built by Amr bin Al Aas is located here.

Egypt is home to some of the grand masters like Imam Shadhulli, Imam Dusuki and Lady Sayyida Nafisa.

Visited the tomb of Sayyida Nafisa Misriyya (as she is popularly known in Malabar). She’s belonged to the Ahl Bait.

Visited the citadel of Salah el Din or Saladdin.