Research on “Status of Gulf Return Emigrants, a Socio Economic Review” by SIGN featured on ‘Middle East This Week’ telecast on JAIHIND TV (June 19 2013)

Research on “Status of Gulf Return Emigrants, a Socio Economic Review” by SIGN released at Dubai on June 13 2013

12 lakh Gulf migrants have landed back home. The coming days will see more of them. This is an alarming situation considering the Pravasi remittances have been a very crucial component of Kerala’s economy. Remittances account for 31.2 percent of the Net State Domestic Product.

In spite of all these contributions, the Pravasi who have spent best of their life time in the harsh climate and adverse working conditions is a neglected lot back home. Challenges in resettling are galore and assistance from government is practically nil. It is in this context that “SIGN Human Resource Centre”, headed by Syed Munawar Ali Shihab Thangal, based a , Wayandu jointly with Al Abeer Group, Jeddah have undertaken an extensive study on the plight of return emigrants entitled “Status of Gulf Return Emigrants: A Socio Economic Review”.

The comprehensive report, prepared after six months of efforts and elaborate research, dwells on all aspects of migration. Twelve field investigators surveyed 1200 households of Gulf Return Emigrants with a detailed questionnaire spanning eight districts of Kerala. “The factors which pushed for migration”, “The life abroad”, “Challenges in resettling after coming back home” have found its place in the study. The research team was led by Adv. Irfan Habeeb under the Consultancy of Dr Sajad Ibrahim, Assistant professor, department of political science, Kerala University. .

The research report was officially launched on May 18th at Philosopher the knowledge village conceived under SIGN in , Wayanad. This compelling report will be used to persuade the policy makers for specific intervention measures for the well being of the Gulf Return migrants as well as to present the real picture before the general public.

As part of raising awareness of this Research among the expatriate Keralites residing in the Middle East, SIGN Dubai chapter in association with Dubai-KMCC organized a conference in Dubai on Thursday, June 13 2013 at the Cultural and Scientific Association Dubai.

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QATAR Launch

The report was launched at Qatar in which several dignitaries participated including SIGN authorities as well as Suhara Mampad, the Malapauram district Panchayth president, Alungal Mohammed, S.A.M Basheer and Rappayi.

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Saudi Arabia Launch

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