Summary of Jaihoon’s interactive talk at LEAD 2020, a leadership development straining program, at SIGN PhiloSphere, an innovative knowledge village located at Kooolivayal, Wayand – Kerala.

‘Dear friends. The exotic landscape you see around you is created by the Almighty. HE has created everything in the most refined manner. However, there is nothing as much amazing as we humans in this world. We are the most beautiful creation for whom everything else in this universe is made. We are Almighty’s Calligraphy in the scheme of this cosmos.

You have been here since morning at this exciting session of leadership session. Hence I do no wish to tax further your energy and time. I wish to leave you with three simple Ts to take home for your further thought and reflection. I believe it will help you plan your way to success.

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* Transforming germ of idea into gem of action.

We all have dreams to accomplish. It is up to you to transform those germs of idea to gem of action. You should ensure your ideas when implemented become fruitful to you and others around you.

* TRYmph for Triumph.

You need to exert maximum hard work for transforming your dreams to reality. Triumph is actually another form TRYmph. Success is the prize for those who try.

* Thankfulness

Finally, after you have accomplished your goals, do not forget those good noble souls who helped you in your journey to success. These may be your parents, teachers and friends.

As a final message, I wish to remind you that your personality, and not accessories, is your real brand. Do not let your brandh (madness) for brands kill your personality.

Giving autographs to students after a talk at LEAD 2020, a training program by SIGN Human Resources & Development Center.

In the question answer session, following a student’s request, Jaihoon recited the following poem about the different forms of injustices happening across the world.

Life is now Un-just like that

Weak oppressed
Innocent convicted
Justice jeopardized
Un-just like that

Mighty magnified
Guilty glorified
Tyranny touted
Un-just like that

Able abashed
Modest molested
Righteous rattled
Un-just like that

Undeserving upgraded
Dirty delighted
Wicked wowed
Un-just like that

Right put to test
Wrong done for jest
Love hijacked by lust
Un-just like that

Truth lost it’s friends
Peace become unknown
Art’s become an intel*’ fart
Life’s fest today, o Jaihoon-
Un-just like that!