– by Jaihoon

Once again I’m alive
Blood in veins is on the flow

Once again my eyes are soaked
In the zamzam of longing

Once again I have a purpose
To live and die for an excuse

Once again heart’s set on fire
Provoked am I with desire

Once again sun has risen
Passionate now, passive no more

Once again I am on the move
Tsunamis seem like just ripples

Once again I recognized my self
Its scent and hue, journey and caravan

Once again I found the coal
To ignite my intellectual factory

Once again I discovered the oil
To keep burning my poetic lamp

Once again came to hand riches
My gold and silver, rubies and gems

Once again Madina’s love kindled
The corpse of my verses resurrected

sallallahu ala Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Sep 29 2013