There’s something about
Your Beloved’s name
That makes my restless soul
Lose its bodily tame

The very sound of it
Is like the waters of monsoon
For those wandering of thirst
Damned in the sinful famine

It inspires in the disheartened
A compassionate ray of hope
And those who in despair cried
Their tears begin to stop

Did you not call him
The ‘Mercy to the Worlds’
And You very well know
These are not hollow words

His very mention is
An adorable melody
For our sleepless souls
Crying for a remedy

Oh! Is he not the sole reason why
Other bodies see the Earth with envy

How many hundreds of years have passed
Yet none’s praise like his has surpassed

O Allah! Praise to You for the Hijazi Rasool
His thoughts kindle much love within this Hindi fool

This poem was written on Friday, 13th June 2003. Inspired after Maghrib and composed after Isha.