by Jaihoon

Springs don’t last
Health remains short
Wealth isn’t forever
Guest-like is Power

Yet I earnestly wish
As water is dear to fish
My bygone lunacy prevailed
My senses had I not availed

Greed emptied my eyes
Gadgets paralyzed my vision

Those days and nights of Lunacy
Ah! Where is now such luxury?

Though not truly worthy
I freely devoured that company

Of His maddening Mercy and Love
I fed my heart on Tasbih’s HIM-loafs

I celebrated HIM every night
Glorified Him every moment

My thoughts shifted to different domain
My lunacy ruled over my senses’ dominion

I now plead like an abandoned reed
To blow into me HIM-lunacy’s wind

Tutor me once again
Throw at me even a grain

Give me back my lunacy
Of His Mercy the ecstasy

‘My Merciful HIM
who loves me’

Never from the clergy’s talk
Nor in any theology book

Nowhere have I anywhere heard
Words written in such heart’s blood

Give me back my lunacy
Of His Mercy the ecstasy

Oct 16 2013