Love at Home: Express, suppress not
Notes from Rashid Gazzali’s family talk at Edappal
Prepared by Zahra Bathool

Though our facilities and luxuries are increasing considerably, our happiness is not multiplying in the same proportion.

Family is our inevitable garments for our spiritual and physical well being.

Family gives us confidence and strength in the society.

‘Rahim’ in Arabic denotes womb, a word which is derived from mercy. Womb is the source of mercy in the world. Thus, maintaining family ties is a reason for the mercy of the All-Merciful and breaking it vitiates it.

We are asked to supplicate for the family (children or spouse) to be pleasing for our eyes, i.e a glance at them should bring a sense of happiness to our hearts. We must achieve a state of family life where a child prays for his parents and spouses wish to have the same mate in the hereafter.

Don’t hesitate to EXPRESS your love for your children. Realize that what they require is not primarily the material gifts but ever-lasting values through value-based education.

Dhikr-u- Allah (remembrance of Allah) should be the base of our families. This enables you to respond for the blessings with thankfulness and endure all trials with patience.

Family must have a congregational supplication once in a while. It would be very effective, if done during the examination season.

Small things such as – receiving husband with a pleasant smile, can have an incredible impact in the ‘climate’ of the house.