For past many days and nights
My Soul wandered without lights

Deserts and mountains it crossed
With friends and folks it conversed

It was searching for Freedom
Lost in the crowded mayhem

And then during this tireless wander
It reached a compassionate cloister

Found it a Sagacious Trader
Who sold Freedom in the yonder

“Give me some of your goods
May I enjoy it in the woods”,
Pleaded my Soul.

“Freedom is not sold cheap
All your joys will it meanly heap

Your friends & folks will it consume
Your love and its fruits shall it deplume

You shall no longer laugh like others
Children shall it separate from mothers

As everyone celebrate life’s colors
Freedom will jolt you with solitary tremors

Therefore be careful of what you seek
Freedom is not for kids with hearts-weak

Freedom is for those who can bravely afford
In their sheath shall be found the Solitary Sword

Oct 31 2013.