Hours and hours in solitude pass by
Nothing around can rejoice my heart dry

The nonsensical noise that we fondly call music
Has neither emotion nor passion to make our hearts tick

This is the present state of the believing hearts
They don’t damn care who climbs the temporal charts

But yes,

There is a Beloved who rests below the Green Dome
Hard it is to describe the joy when his memories bloom

All the sound and hue seem utterly dead
When I rest my heart in that sweet bed

Even the most beautiful flower I see
Is no more than a drop from that Handsome Sea

O Friend! Look at the tricks people smartly play
To show the little fairness that God put on their clay
But what to speak of his God-given Light
Without him, our days would become one cursed night.

Oh! Lord did a favor on this colorful world
When this Full Moon’s face He partly showed

What would we sinners be, O Tasbih, in this world and next?
To see the gates of Paradise he would be the only pretext.

I wish to say more about him
For him does my heart crazily crave
But humility limits my sincere claim
‘Coz not many good deeds do I really have.

Sallallahu ala Muhammad,

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam!


climbs the temporal charts: Though the immediate reference is to the countdown chart shows, it also hints at the passing world of showbiz where nothing is stationary.

tricks people smartly play: the artificial means, via cosmetics, which people employ to excessively highlight the little natural charm.

…become one cursed night : The Holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is described in Quran as ‘Siraj-ul-Muneer’ (Lamp Spreading Light). It was his message that enlightened the Dark Medieval period, which when spread by his followers ultimately paved the way for Renaissance in Europe.

He partly showed: Only the Almighty Lord knows the true greatness of His prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Cf. with the lines of Busiri ‘Our knowledge of the Prophet is as little as our recollections of a dream we saw’.

… he would be the only pretext: On the Last Day, humanity will approach each Prophet to intercede to Allah for the accountability to start in order to escape from the scorching heat of the sun. Each of the Prophet will present an excuse for their inability. Finally, when they approach the Last Prophet, he will pray to Allah and then shall commence the Judgment which will determine who enters Paradise and Hell. No one will enter Paradise just by their good deeds, but by the grace of Allah.

June 26, 2003. Composed while seated at Al Qasba Lagoon when having a break from the research for MeraWatan 2.0