O my lil’-learned friend!
Who made Jaihoon in humility bend

Answer me in words sweet and few-
Why melts my heart in the solitary dew?

Do you know the terrible pain
Of not able to share in words plain
The sweet thoughts about Him
That made all my sins away drain!

Do you hardly know how much my faith
Has suddenly decreased in the days late?

How much do I hopefully weep
Much trust and hope in Him I keep!

The same question to you I repeat
That you asked me through a note

“Do you know why I write to you?
Because you are the only friend
Who reminds me of my creator,
I love to hear and read about my lord much”

His Lovers are used to hearing in words plenty
Ah! How can land be fertile with rains scanty?

I know not what more to say
Neither an excuse I have to stay

A voice spoke from behind the screen
I looked around, but none to be seen-

“Do you know how easy it is
For such questions to pose,
But have you tried for once
A word to reply in response?”


my sins away drain: Remembrance of Allah causes sins to be forgiven.

decreased in the days late: There are ups and downs in the faith of a believer, not necessarily following a fixed pattern.

July 6, 2003. A pre-Isha thought.