– by Jaihoon

Months and years go by
Laughter and tears
Hopes and fears
Greet and say goodbye

Each year we sincerely pray
To future pain we fall not prey

Would our leaders learn-
To resolve our resentment yearn?
The common man is common no more
More dangerous than war is his furor (1)

Would sufferings in Syria suspend
Would the rape of Rohingya rescind (2)

When would tears of Muzaffar-town dry (3)
When would drones end their ferocious-fly (4)

Would Haiyan and Phalin strike us again (5)
And curse us with the extravaganza of pain

Who like Mandela will give us skin-deep dreams
Who like Chavez will kindle us to fight enemies

Who again will reveal tales of spy and pry
Truth is hidden in the PRISM of Intelligent Lies (6)

Questions of the Mind
Are prayers of the Heart
Faith is a child of the future
And thought of the Past

Dec 31 2013

1 The victory of Aam Aadmi in Delhi elections
2 The persecution of the Rohingya community in Myanmar
3 Victims of the communal riots in the North Indian town
4 American military’s unmanned flight attacks in which several civilians die
5 Natural disasters which killed thousands in India & Philippines
6 PRISM is the US government’s electronic surveillance of global communication since 2007 and an unprecedented breach of human privacy