One afternoon I paid a visit to my garden
Bored I was with this worldly soul-less den

Across the little flowers when I passed
I noticed the rhythm as they danced

Like a bird did I feel free
From the chains of the greedy spree

I felt like a human
Not a devil damn!

Just then a jasmine bud-
Raised a cry of complaint:

You humans are so selfishly indifferent
You are ungrateful to Him who everything grant

We are created for your pleasure
But to accompany us have you no leisure

How sad is your case
You deserve not a word of praise

Our fragrance is for you to inhale
We dance for your hearts to thrill

But you have no time to heed
You are lost in the world of bread

O silly man!
‘To the favors of your lord
Are you so mean!’

Inspired by the Quranic verse : “O Man! What has seduced you from your Lord, the Most Generous” (82:6)


greedy spree: The present materialistic lifestyle

Oct 10, 2004