Jaihoon speaking at Darul huda Islamic University during the launching of the second edition of MeraWatan, the Malayalam translation of Jaihoon’s travelogue, The Cool Breeze from Hind. The translation by KK Saleem, a Hudawite, was published by the university.

Feb 12 2014, Chemmad

It is easier to impress adults than young minds. Therefore it is pretty hard to decide what advice I should present before you that you may consider worthy from me. You have a higher mission in life than what I possess and practice. You are the future role models for your family members, including parents. Your neighbors and mahallu elders will look upon you for guidance and direction.

This institution, with which I have a spiritual relationship, will be beautifully upgrading you with Arabic, English and Urdu, besides just your mother tongue. Therefore, I consider it a crime of cause for you to focus on Malayalam writings alone. You are not fashioned here only to translate English or Arabic works to Malayalam. Instead, you are equally capable of composing originally in English or Arabic or even Urdu.

Although few notable books in English have seen light from the Hudawi fraternity, I pray that more such original non-Malayalam books will be available in the future.

Photo by Jabir Malabari