Intoxicating verses.


Melody Meets Mysticism.

Jaihoon creates more than mere poetry. He crafts art with his mystic and melodious pen. He transports his readers to a world where divine bliss is the protagonist and spiritual worldviews steal the limelight. Join the Feast >


Age-old planet. New-age concepts

Some say actions speak louder than words. Others use words to prove ‘them’ wrong. Words connect communities. Unlock the third eye. Words hold great power, which Jaihoon uses to captivate, innovate and intoxicate the critical reader.Join the Revolution >


Bleeding heart. Healing inspiration.

For some, love is suffering in silence. For others, it’s turning unheard whispers into resounding exclamations of hope. Timeless elegance is woven into every profound beat of his work. Join the Hope >