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Category Archives: VIEWS

National Seminar on Prophetic Life

Photos from the One-day National seminar jointly organized by the Cotton University, Guwahati and Darul Huda Islamic University, Assam Centre, (Jan 22 2020)

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Scenes of Saint Petersburg

Photogenic moments from the journey to the cultural melting pot of former soviet union.

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Langkavi Wildlife Park

Photos of visit to the exotic wildlife sanctuary in the Malaysian island of Langkavi

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Jaihoon @ JDT ISLAM Arts & Science College

Photos of Mujeeb Jaihoon’s disruptive discourse at the Calicut-based arts college founded for the creation, application and extension of knowledge.

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Jaihoon @ PMSA WAFY College

Photos of Jaihoon’s discourse at the CIC-affiliated WAFY college, named after PMSA Pookoyal, Muslim Kerala’s late educationist & political heavyweight.

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