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To the Godless Goons of Mob India

RamaRajya, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent utopia of mutual tolerance, has no place for bigots who lynch and leech the Weak.

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Preserving Personal Identity in an Era of Globalization: Mujeeb Jaihoon

In a TV interview, writer & activist Mujeeb Jaihoon talked about early writing influences, globalization gimmicks & Kerala’s lack of Muslim Lady scholars.

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Remembering Teachers

Fatima Raoof recalls the primary school years of her student, Mujeeb Jaihoon.

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Becca of My Being

Our dark eyes & filthy hearts unqualify us to claim the love of the Beloved. In spite, a poetic attempt to plead with the Loved One for a generous excuse.

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Jaihoon @ JDT ISLAM Arts & Science College

Photos of Mujeeb Jaihoon’s disruptive discourse at the Calicut-based arts college founded for the creation, application and extension of knowledge.

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