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Never Believe His Lovers

God’s lovers employ various metaphors and symbolic actions to hide their love of the Divine– Jaihoon reveals some of their ‘cover-up games’ in these verses

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My Vice Questions and YOUR Wise Response

Even as we feel pain over the belated reply, we shall remain persistent in our plea to the Most Merciful –– insists Jaihoon in this poetic discourse

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Unlock YOUR Love Within

The slave can readily accept the lockdown of his entire freedom provided the Master unlocks His Love within him or her–– Jaihoon’s Lailathul Qadr 2020 poem

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I call YOU with so sweet a name

Can the Lover resist a reply when asked in the name of the Beloved— contents Mujeeb Jaihoon as he bargains by one Beautiful name after another

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Ya Rabbana! Ya Rabbana!

We submit our faults in HIS presence from whom there is nothing to hide as we stand silent like a bride- Jaihoon’s bold lines pleading to the Most Merciful

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