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The Night of Gold Hunt

Mujeeb Jaihoon hails the frenzied seekers in alphabetical fashion to boldly invoke the Divine blessings of the ‘Power of Night’.

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Except the Heart

Mujeeb Jaihoon writes on the pervasive ubiquity of Love, save in its rightful place

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Aporetic. Accursed: The Abyss of the Indian Musalman

On the political otherization of Indian Muslims from the Nation’s mainstream politics. A Political poem by Mujeeb Jaihoon

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That Friday In Bangla sang the Paradise-Bird

Mujeeb Jaihoon’s poetic tribute to Hosna Ara Parvin, the brave Bangladeshi lady martyr of ChristChurch terrorist attack, New Zealand, on Mar 15 2019.

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Sunna-some is greater Sufism

In the age of mega indulgence, adoption of Prophetic etiquettes is both the shortest, and sweetest, way to attain higher spiritual progress.

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