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Love Lingers at Your Doorstep

We wander in wilderness hunting for Love only to discover that Love is lingering at the doorstep of the Beloved, admits Jaihoon in an ode to the Meem

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Daylight Rape of Justice: Gandhari’s Prayer for the Meerut Orphans

In Jaihoon’s poetic slam of State-sponsored brutalities, Gandhari, the vedic & virtuous queen of Meerut, decries the sufferings of the orphans in UP, India.

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We are here to Forever Stay

The Indian muslim will not faint and falter at the Numeric Altar of the regime— Jaihoon’s poetic slam of India’s discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill

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To the Tyrant Tigress

A poetic appeal to the callous comrade to spare the senses of the lover.

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Journey Ahead. Destination Behind.

Seekers, who dispassionately leave the shrine of the Beloved, abandon their heartbeat behind. Mujeeb Jaihoon’s tribute to those halfhearted pilgrims.

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