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آنحضرت صلعم – شائق فن اور محب مویشی: مجیب جیہوں

آسام کی کاٹن یونیورسٹی میں منعقدہ قومی سیمینار میں مجیب جیہون کی تقریر

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Holy Prophet- The Ardent Art & Animal Lover: Jaihoon

An intellectual re-reading of his Blessed personality is the need of the hour, appeals Jaihoon in the national seminar held in Cotton University, Assam

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Iqbal Radiates & Ruminates Hearts: Mujeeb Jaihoon

The Poet-Philosopher radiates and ruminates our minds and souls with infinite imagination and vibrant voices, notes Mujeeb Jaihoon during book launch at Sharjah Book Fair

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Teachers Co-design the Destiny of Children: Mujeeb Jaihoon

Teachers get to spend quality time to nourish the aspirations of their candidates— asserts Jaihoon at Darul Hidaya Teachers training program

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Kerala’s Education Hysteria Created New Social Challenges: Jaihoon

Muslim Kerala’s unrestrained Educational hysteria may create gender imbalances and marital discords in Community— asserts Mujeeb Jaihoon at MIC gathering in Dubai.

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