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IT Demystified: The truth and Myth

For example, if you already knew that a summer camp was being held this evening, and a friend comes telling you about this, it is no information. But if your friend tells you about the details of today’s program, which you were not aware, then that becomes information. Information eliminates all the uncertainties in your scope of awareness and offers a definite answer.’

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The fall of Ottoman Caliphate and the Indian Khilafat Movement

Everyone were waiting for a chance to slice up this last political institution in the world of Islam. Thy waited eagerly to attend the funeral of the last great empire of the East.

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Pen is Revelation’s Best Friend: Jaihoon

The Holy Qur’an as a religious text pioneered the concept of education technology by mentioning ‘Pen’ as the first non-living object in the Revelation.

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As the Mouth, So the Morsel: Jaihoon

Nevertheless, when you ask, seek the best. However, do not dictate to Him what the best is, reminds Jaihoon the students of Darul Huda Islamic university (2005)

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