Love knows no colour nor race.

The title of the book refers to thoughts influenced by Medina, the city of Beloved of God. The message brought by the Holy Prophet is free from the chains of color and race. His love too is independent from the limits of man-made languages. Soul of man is without smell or color. Then what is the case of love of His Beloved, whom the Quran describes as ‘closer to the believers than their own souls?’.


All Praises are due to Him: glorious, limitless and timeless. Without His Grace, no thoughts are ever born in the womb of man’s heart. Out of His Bounty move the atoms of love among His creatures.

It is out of His Mercy that He sent His Beloved to this cosmos. His Beloved connected Humanity with Almighty on the Right Way. Suffice then is to follow the ways of the Beloved.

Sincere Imitation creates Affection towards the Role Model, or vice versa. Both emotions are interwoven in a follower. It is difficult to nurture one without the other. An observer can hardly distinguish between a follower and a lover.

‘Medinized’ is a collection of poems on the love of Holy Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam (peace be upon him). These were written after the publication of my earlier book, Henna for the Heart (2003). Along with the poems, there are also certain extracts related to the topic compiled from

‘The Cool Breeze From Hind’ (2006). Two essays earlier published on JAIHOON.COM have also been included in this compilation.
Some of these poems and notes were penned while sitting at the Rawdha Shareef (the blessed place between grave and pulpit of the Holy Prophet).
The author has relied chiefly on inspirations drawn from the Umra visit (2003) and Hajj pilgrimage (2007). Various friends had requested for a separate compilation solely related to Holy Prophet.


To bid farewell is so hard
On my heart have I no guard.

On the final hour of leaving Madina, I stood beside the wall of Rawdha and cried,

‘O Blessed one! O Beloved. O the great one, above whom only God is greatest! I have to leave for now! I have stayed here only for a few days. To go away from you is in fact to get distant from my own soul. Then how could I leave you in full?

There has been no life without you. My life started only when I began to love you. Therefore ignore not my love. I wish to come here, again and again. To inhale your love from near, or even more closer.

O Mercy to all Worlds. I seek your intercession with ‘Lord of all worlds’. I have not stayed here counting the days nor measuring the rewards which may come upon me. I only quenched my thirst: of my heart, of my soul.

I am not worthy to be near you. I am no star; I am myself searching for light. Without the strings of a Saqi, my heart is lost in the drink of no taste or smell for the soul.’

Unable to stand anymore I sat on the floor. Then towards the Ka’aba I turned and prayed:

Your beloved is on my right side. My dua has no worth, except it is called from his beside. Therefore, Beautify. Kindle. Enlighten. Arouse. Sharpen. Empower…and become Medinized!

Publisher: ISA, Kerala
Year : 2008