Mothers & Martyrs

Infinite Injustice.

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Jaihoon’s latest book, “Mothers & Martyrs”, drags the reader deep into the beating heart of all that is the female. Women take on a plethora of roles in our world – mothers, daughters, wives, abused spouses and more. The eye-opening book treats the reader to a journey into another world, igniting undeniable mental images of the realities of war and women’s rights, the trials and tribulations of motherhood, the brutal curse of injustice, the seeds of hope we plant around us, the nourishing gift of philanthropy… but that’s just the beginning.

From landlords breaking hearts to the long-standing battle against freedom, Jaihoon takes his readers on a heart-palpitating venture into a world of unbreakable truth. While each poem radiates distinct charm and thought-provoking territory, the centralized theme that weaves this book together is the topic of women.

Jaihoon continues to prove his worth as a talented, passionate writer, combining distinct creativity with level-headed logic to turn heads and inspire men and women globally.

Publisher: ADAM Publishers & Distributors
Year : 2017