The Sayyid Shihab app

World’s first app based on life and message of Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal – compiled & translated by Mujeeb Jaihoon.

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WHY ShihabWise

Sayyid Shihab’s passing has been a bitter sweet reality for those who knew and respected him. This noble, widely-respected statesman and leader of millions appealed to more hearts in his life than most humanists combined. Such was his love for humanity and his concern for everyone whose path ever crossed his. He fought for the rights of the oppressed, standing firmly for female empowerment. He will forever be remembered as “the voice of democratic secular principles”, as well as a practitioner of secular solidarity. A noble and humble politician and leader of masses, he had a following of millions in India and worldwide. Apart from living his life as an inspiring soul who played a massive role in millions of lives, Sayyid Shihab was incredibly fond of reading. It is with this in mind that ShihabWise was conceived – offering insightful wisdom stemming from the life of Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab, celebrating his memories and empowering lifestyle; something vitally important in today’s self-destructive society. We live in a challenging era, with intolerant humans, war, and selfishness. By taking a step back and examining Sayyid’s selfless, giving ways, we can promote more peace and tolerance worldwide – turning lessons from the past into an abundant future – just the way Sayyid would have wanted. Sayyid Shihab was mildly and miserly-spoken. Hence, ShihabWise.

WHAT is ShihabWise

The app contains two sections, viz., quotes BY Sayyid Shihab as well as tributes by Mujeeb Jaihoon about him. Sayyid Shihab’s quotations, compiled from his speeches and writings, measure up to 100, while Mujeeb Jaihoon’s eulogies of Sayyid Shihab amounts to 99. The choice of these counts have two dimensional interpretations. Both figures are significant in Islamic numerology. Moreover, the compiler chose the lower number out of respect and reverence for the Sage.

HOW ShihabWise

The intuitive user interface (UI) is developed by a Dubai-based designer with bare minimum hues. The drawings accompanying the quotations are fruits of deep study and imagination to reflect the message of the text. This is the first of its kind for Sayyid Shihab’s writings to have a graphical representation. Each illustration is drawn in black and white line drawings on a matte surface like background, maintaining perfect measurement accuracy possible of Sayyid Shihab’s body dimensions and language.

WHO ShihabWise

Designed in Dubai and developed in New York, this admirable app is a brilliant model of true global collaboration for realizing a common goal of promoting peace and tolerance in today’s self-destructive society. Diction: Mujeeb Jaihoon, Sharjah | Design: Pymo Arts, Dubai | Drawing: Shiyas Ahmad, Kerala | Development: O16 Lab, New York

MUJEEB Jaihoon

Mujeeb Jaihoon is arguably one of Sayyid Shihab’s most devoted followers, who always held a deep-seated respect for the politician and tireless humanitarian. This app is his riveting tribute undoubtedly to one of the saintly sages of this age.