Appgrading Indian Pluralism

WHAT is ShihabWise

ShihabWise, or Wisdom of Sayyid Shihab, is world’s first mobile app for the newgen revival of Indian Pluralism by celebrating the life and message of the late Indian statesman and philanthropist, Sayyid Shihab, who appealed to more hearts in his life than most humanists combined.
The app contains two sections, viz., 100 aphorisms by Sayyid Shihab, categorized under Philosophy, Philanthropy, Pluralism, Politics and Personality, as well as 99 tributes honoring Sayyid Shihab penned by Mujeeb Jaihoon, UAE-based writer and activist. Key Features : · 100+99 inspiring and illuminating quotations | · Designed with original art illustrations | · Option to share/forward the quotes with friends | · Daily/weekly Reminders

WHY ShihabWise

Sayyid Shihab’s passing has been a bitter sweet reality for those who knew and respected him. Such was his love for humanity and his concern for everyone whose path ever crossed his. He fought for the rights of the oppressed, standing firmly for female empowerment. In the age when ‘DP’s and ‘Status’’ are becoming increasingly popular, Sayyid Shihab’s quotations, based on India’s tolerant and secular traditions, will tremendously help to promote the spirit of communal amity and national integration among the young generation.

WHO ShihabWise

Designed in Dubai and developed in New York, this admirable app is a brilliant model of true global collaboration for realizing a common goal of promoting peace and tolerance in today’s self-destructive society. For more info, visit Diction: Mujeeb Jaihoon, Sharjah | Design: Pymo Arts, Dubai | Drawing: Shiyas Ahmad, Kerala | Development: O16 Lab, New York

MUJEEB Jaihoon

Mujeeb Jaihoon, UAE-based Indian author and mastermind behind ShihabWise, is arguably one of Sayyid Shihab’s most devoted followers, who always held a deep-seated respect for the politician and tireless humanitarian. This app is his riveting tribute undoubtedly to one of the saintly sages of this age.