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Conserve Words too. Not just nature: Mujeeb Jaihoon

Words, too, demand similar care and caution while we use them for our exchange of ideas, just as we conserve natural resources, asserted Mujeeb Jaihoon during a talk at Thanveer Islamic and Arts WAFY College, Kondotty— Kerala.

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Purging India’s Religious Beast for Greater Humanity: Challenges and Opportunities

The Nation is on the verge of a catastrophic implosion, if the megawatts of Religiosity goes unpurged, urges Jaihoon at Jamia Millia Islamia University.

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Urdu-some mantras of the Hindu-some Priest

So, how would it sound when Sanskrit, the traditional language of devotional Hinduism (not to be mistaken for militant Hindutva), and Urdu, the enemy-branded lingua franca, merges in one person with equal devotion and admiration for both? It would sound as beautiful as the Urdu-some mantras of a Hindu-some Priest.

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India is the Garden of Pluralism. Not a Graveyard of Monoculture: Jaihoon

Shockingly, street dogs roaming at midnight may be feeling safer than women and children in daylight, decries Jaihoon at EMEA college magazine launch event.

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Jewish Interfaith Activist tweets from Slogans of the Sage

Lee Weissman was initiated to spiritual sciences after his encounter with a Sufi Sheikh in Madras, India.

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