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Faith is about Spiritual Megawatt, not Decibels: Jaihoon

On the need to check the ‘spiritual noise pollution’ in the multi faith neighborhoods of Kerala.

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The Noor of Tavanoor

There was a faint light in the horizon ready to fade any moment. I prayed that Tavanoor continue to be blessed with the light of peace and beauty, love and serenity.

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Hindu businessman builds mosque in Kerala

He claims it will be the first mosque to be built in the state by a Hindu in over 1,200 years.

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PM releases stamp for the “great son of Kerala”

“Though a great religious leader, Thangal Saheb will long be remembered as the voice of democratic secular principles and a practitioner of secular solidarity,” the PM said.

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Vidyarambam at India’ first Masjid

This practice is usually prevalent in Hindu temples, at the time of ‘Navaratri’ celebrations

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