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Faith is about Spiritual Megawatt, not Decibels: Jaihoon

On the need to check the ‘spiritual noise pollution’ in the multi faith neighborhoods of Kerala.

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Expatriates Excel Sufis : Jaihoon

Keralites who traveled to Kerala on ‘mission bread’ continued to support the humanitarian initiatives undergoing in their home country, even as they struggled for their own existence

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Quran : The final upgrade of Truth

Quran is undoubtedly the final upgrade of Truth. And we hope that our translations will take our hearts and minds a step closer to this final word of God… Jaihoon at Quran seminar

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Visionary Leaders, Obedient Community, Supportive Expatriates – The Secret behind Kerala Muslim Progress: Jaihoon

There is a responsive and obedient following among the community who are committed to fulfilling the dreams of their leaders’

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Study required about Expats in Resident Countries too : Jaihoon

The recent Kerala expats are finding it very hard to maintain their financial discipline and this has created many social problems for themselves and their dependents

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