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Islamic Culture: Europe has realized it, Let Muslims too – Iqbal

Millions upon millions of men and women in Europe are anxious to know what Islam and its cultural ideals are. The sooner the younger generation of Muslims realizes this fact the better. European Muslims have already realized it.

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Indian splendor in Arabian Museum

The national symbols of India are largely contributions of Muslim rule

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Suppression of ideas is the bane of our existence : Katherine Schimmel Baki

Intellectual freedom is required. But what of the invisible chains that bind the human spirit due to an appalling lack of empathy, lack of faith, and lack of spiritual integrity? Asks Katherine Schimmel Baki of Wild River Review

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Back to Culture : Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

After the talk, Shaima Saleh, 19, an Emirati foundation-year student, said she was “ashamed” that she knew so little about Arab history. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf at Zayed University [The National]

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A Catwalk by little ones

In this show, the participants never had to put up a show! They were as they were- pure of heart and intentions. They had not grown enough to become the victims of the Accursed One. Of course, they were instructed to act as so and so, but they never did so successfully.

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