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Aliens in Calicut : A Sociological Approach on the Scope of Islamic banking in Kerala

The aliens came out of the space contacted their HQ in Mars saying, ‘Negative’…

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Profit for one, Death for many

The western leaders suck the blood of man and preach equality and social justice from the platform

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To landlords who break hearts: Beware!

O the one who liberated Bilal from chains
Give a remedy against this cruel nuisance
Those who hold the reins of power
See glory in the buildings like- tower
They are blind to this pitiful state
Ah! This world is for them another estate!
The shepherds that once they were
Are competing to sow brick-trees higher
… and higher!
Ah! Pity! Their state is in a mess
Leaving the land, into seas build their house
They fail to learn lessons from disasters
And on the lives of poor their greed pesters

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Pilgrimage to a Moneywise Shrine

The clamor of money was in the air. The visitors had come with their choice made: Deposit or Withdrawal. This two-fold phenomenon was evident on each face. The paper bits in their hands spoke of the basic economic term: want.

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Wealth and Society : Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Zakat, which Islam has enjoined upon Muslims, marks the lowest limit of the expression of human sympathy, kindness and compassion. It is a duty, the disregard or violation of which is not in any circumstances tolerable to God. The Shariah is emphatic in its insistence upon its observance. It has prescribed it as an essential requirement of Faith for Muslims.

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