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Urdu-some mantras of the Hindu-some Priest

So, how would it sound when Sanskrit, the traditional language of devotional Hinduism (not to be mistaken for militant Hindutva), and Urdu, the enemy-branded lingua franca, merges in one person with equal devotion and admiration for both? It would sound as beautiful as the Urdu-some mantras of a Hindu-some Priest.

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Dubai KMCC Iftar: The Humongous Celebration of Humanity

The enthusiasm of its 148-strong volunteers in this philanthropic adventure knows no bounds

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Sultan by Name. Sultan in Vision & Action too

On Dr. Sheikh Sultan, the Sharjah emir’s passionate call for Cultural & Educational intervention to counter terrorist elements and moral decay in Arab World

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Bright Lessons from the Book of Blind

Blind people can teach us bright lessons, concludes Jaihoon after visit to the Home for the Destitute Blind, in Kizhuparamba village of Kerala

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Internet Is Not a Holy Place, says Abdal Hakim Murad

Religious activism will be counter-productive when robbed of self introspection. Activism, Abdal Hakim Murad believes, fails to address the demons within oneself.

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