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Kashgar: Land of Uyghur & Silk Route

Photos from Jaihoon’s tour of Kashgar, the Land of Uyghur & Silk Route

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Workshop for Career Coordinators

Workshop for Career Coordinators of Calicut District, jointly organized by organized PM Foundation HelpDesk and JDT Islam Orphanages and Educational Institutions

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Jaihoon’s Thematic Presentation at EMEA Training College

Jaihoon’s thematic presentation at EMEA Training College – July 05 2018

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Gates. Walls. Quarters

The holy city of Jerusalem is branded and divided based on Gates, Walls and Quarters.

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Mount of Olives and Rabia too

The Mount of olives is home to the Chapel of the Ascension and a mausoleum attributed to Rabia Basri, the renowned lady saint of Islam.

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